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Nicole  Richey

Nicole Richey

Executive Assistant - Lancaster Office

Nicole was born and raised in Fairfield County where she graduated in 2020 from Ohio Connections Academy with her focus on business development.  She recently ended schooling from Cosmetology of Ohio State in August 2021.  She is a very positive, outgoing, observant, and helpful individual around the office where she loves to learn new things and express new ideas.  Nicole's creativity and imagination soars when working with like minded people.  She knows how to have fun and enjoys working with others.

Her hobbies and passions include: exploring the outdoors, playing the guitar, writing and singing songs, photography, drawing, and painting.  A couple of her many accomplishments over the years is having her art design of an etch lion in the Lancaster Art Festival and another is teaching herself the guitar.  She loves to serve her church and for a non-profit organization called Heartbeats, which focuses on women that either can't afford or can't take care of an unexpected child.  She greatly enjoys quality time with her family and friends and enjoys meeting new people.