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If you've been procrastinating and putting off your retirement planning, now is an excellent time to review your finances and to update your financial plans for your future. It’s especially important now, as the last several years have been devastating to many individuals and businesses. Even with some recovery, we’ve experienced unprecedented financial times within the equity and real estate markets that will continue to affect all of our lives for years to come.

Managing personal finances today is more complicated and more important than ever. We’re living longer, but saving proportionately less. Scores of us feel less secure in our jobs and homes than we did a year ago. We see our money being drained by the high cost of housing, taxes, education and health care. We worry about the future, or unfortunately in many cases, simply try not to think about it at all.

Sensible financial management means much more than budgeting and putting money away for retirement. It’s being equipped to handle a lifetime of financial challenges, needs and changes, figuring out how to build assets and stay ahead of inflation, taking advantage of deflation, and choosing wisely from a constantly widening field of savings, investment and insurance options. When it comes to finances, people are faced with more pressures and more possibilities than ever before.

The good news is that as complex as today’s financial world is, there’s no real mystery to sound personal money management. You don’t need a masters degree in finance or accounting to get ahead.

What’s needed are solid basic principles of organization and decision-making, plus the willingness to put them into action. Anyone with a fundamental education and the desire to handle money wisely can do it.

Effective financial management does involve certain procedures that you don’t automatically learn from your parents or associates — and they certainly aren’t taught in our schools. It’s more than just a matter of gathering enough information and then making a logical decision. In fact, for many people, the constant bombardment of economic news, fragmented financial information and investment product advertisements is part of the problem. Information overload can be a major obstacle to sorting out choices and making wise decisions.

To save you valuable time and to help better manage your finances, Superior Retirement Solutions uses a step-by-step process designed to put all the essential areas of personal finance in front of you. The process centers on helping you to get organized, on staying aware of your money issues, and on making deliberate choices about the ways you spend, save and invest instead of following your emotions or simply “going with the flow.” Give us a call at 740-242-0173 for a free, no obligation retirement planning consultation.