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I'm sure you would agree, our world today is fast-paced, and getting faster. Our society seems to place more importance on short-term results rather than things of substance. It’s easier to think about tonight’s groceries or the upcoming weekend than it is our long-term financial future.

Comprehensive financial planning, which includes having the proper amounts of Life and Disability insurance considers short term, immediate, intermediate and long-term time frames. Now is always a good time to take a quick look at your long term goals to see ‘what’s really important to you’ over the next 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 years or more.

What personal, educational, and / or business activities are you most interested in? How do you want to spend your personal time? Business time? Family time? These are all questions we've asked ourselves over the years, but what if life takes a turn for the worse? What preparations have you taken to insure your family receives the things it wants and needs? Do your goals suddenly change? Are the things you wanted before the "incident" now different than after the "incident"?

If you were to die, or become sick or hurt; What kind of lifestyle do you still want to live? What kind of lifestyle do you still want for your family? Where will you live? Will you have to downsize during such a difficult time? What do you and your family want to accomplish in life? Does this change? Do you still want your children to go to college? Do you want your spouse to be forced to go out and get a second job? These are the questions that are asked whenever a life event takes a wrong turn!

Your financial goals right now may include funding your children’s college education, or deciding if you want to become financially independent versus financially getting by, or generate family wealth so your kids will have the freedom to make this a better world. Should that change just because of a premature death? Should that change because you've become sick, or hurt?

There is a solution to make sure you'll have what you need financially to accomplish yours and your families goals. Your needs and desires do not have to change because something goes wrong. It's still possible to have a sound financial future for yourself and your family with the proper amounts of life and disability insurance.

Like many of us, you may find yourself reacting to financial situations more often than planning for them. This is precisely why formulating a comprehensive financial plan NOW can make a world of difference for you and your family. At Superior Retirement Solutions we take your needs serious. Contact us today at 740-242-0173 to have a complete Comprehensive Financial Plan review. By meeting with us and insuring you have the proper amounts of Life and Disability insurance, you are becoming more proactive in your life than reactive. By having the proper amounts of Life and Disability insurance, you and family can rest assure that your financial future is secure.